Mixed Nut Bars (Box of 10)

Mixed Nut Bars (Box of 10)


Can't decide which is your favourite? Want to try both flavours at once?

Here's an idea: mix and match! Let us know how many of each flavour you'd like. Chose from Pecan, Goji berry and Cocoa and Coconut, Vanilla and Acaí berry.


- Low in sugar : less than 5% per bar!

- Low in carbohydrates : less than 2g impact carb*

- Vegan friendly

- Dairy and soy free

- Gluten free

- Suitable for paleo and ketogenic diets


Warning: Product contains nut.


*Impact carbs are simple carbs and have fast release energy. Complex carbs such as the natural erythritol that we use in our products minimally impact blood sugar levels.

Pecan | Cocoa | Goji Berry
Vanilla | Coconut | Acai Berry
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