The Power of Snacking

October 5, 2017


Us Brits are the largest snackers in Europe snacking on average 7 days a week! It's no wonder we are known as generation graze. On average, 22% of our daily energy intake comes from snacks. 


But snacking doesn't need to be seen as a bad habit. When done right, snacking can help with weight loss, maintained blood sugar levels, increased concentration and longer-lasting energy. The important bit is choosing the right snack. 


There are many motives behind our snack-addiction. Stress, cravings, boredom, feeling sad and celebratory occasions are the main triggers. However, some people snack as they believe that frequent, yet controlled, eating is healthful. 


It is super important to avoid stimulants like caffeine or refined sugar, which can cause a brief spike in energy followed soon after by an extended crash.


By replacing our sugary go-tos with healthier options, such as fruit, nuts and veggies not only do we satisfy our sweet tooth but we also provide the body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.



With so many different kinds to chose from, you're sure to find a nut that you enjoy best. From cashews and almonds to more exotic varieties like brazil and pistachio, eating nuts is a super easy way to ensure that we get some healthy fats and protein into our diet, meaning that we'll feel fuller for longer. 

Top tip: avoid the salted varieties and their sneaky                    sodium content

            portion control is key as too much of                          anything can be harmful





These great little bundles of deliciousness and health are perfect for snacking on the go as they provide us with loads of vitamins and minerals and have a sweet flavour that many of us crave. 

Top tip: some fruits are more sugary than others, try fruits that have              a low GI such as cherries, pears, apples, plums and peaches.




Snack Bars:

Sometimes we just don't have enough time to plan ahead and make sure we've got plenty of snacks for the day be it spent travelling from place to place or sitting in an office.

It's important that when we do buy a ready made snack bar that we choose wisely. Ideally we want something that's made from 100% natural ingredients, low in sugar and carbs and, most importantly, tasty. 

Top tip: read the ingredients!! 




What's your favourite thing to snack on?

Do you have any top tips for us?

Let us know!



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